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Yoast SEO: Your homepage cannot be indexed by search engines Colorlib.
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Setting up WordPress SEO with the Customizr theme Press Customizr Documentation.
The last tab is Security. There is not much here except that you can disable certain portion of the Yoast SEO from showing to your authors. There are 6 tabs under this sub-menu option. The first one is General. Not much to set up here. The first option is Force rewrite titles. It is a good idea to leave it to Yoast to auto-detect and decide whether to rewrite titles. The next option is to choose a Title separator from the available symbols. This would appear between the post/page title and the site name. The second tab is Homepage.
How To Improve Your Wordpress SEO Using The Yoast SEO Plugin.
Breadcrumbs should link back to your homepage and the category of your particular blog post. To add breadcrumbs, go to SEO Internal Links. You will also want to adapt single.php and page.php in your theme. Noindex the Subpages of Archives, Archives and Taxonomies. Next, you will want to prevent indexing of the second and third pages of your archives since they arent relevant to search results. Changing your settings via Yoast will ensure that Google still crawls those pages but wont actually index them.
The Essentials of WordPress SEO Everything You NEED to Know 2019.
Apart from the actions described above, Yoast SEO also lets you optimize each of your posts, pages, and the homepage. This is the most valuable feature that Yoast has in store for you, and one youre going to be interacting with on a daily/weekly basis.
Create SEO titles and meta descriptions with Yoast SEO Yoast.
Get Yoast SEO Premium now Only 79 ex VAT for 1 site. Set templates for your SEO titles and meta descriptions. Besides optimizing individual posts and pages, our plugin lets you set templates for titles and meta descriptions. This means you can come up with a template and you wont have to think about it anymore! You can do so in the Search Appearance section of Yoast SEO. You can set these templates for the homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags and archives as well. How does it work? If you go to the Search Appearance section of Yoast SEO youll see various tabs. This is where you can set templates for different types of content. If youd like to do this for posts, for instance, you go to the tab Content types and youll see Posts as the first content type. Here you can edit the title and meta description template for all posts.:

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Enable advanced settings. By default, Yoast SEO advanced settings are hidden. To make them visible, go to SEO Dashboard and click Features. In Advanced settings pages, click Enabled, then click Save changes. Update titles and metas. Go to SEO Titles Metas and click the Homepage tab.
How to Add Meta Title, Keywords and Meta Description in WordPress.
To see how to install the Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress site, follow our dedicated tutorial. Use SEO Yoast to Add Meta Tags to WordPress. Yoast SEO is developed by Joost de Valk, who is regarded as an SEO guru in WordPress circles.
How to Add Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress.
Titles Metas not showing under the can i do it now. WPBeginner Support says.: Feb 1, 2019 at 1048: am. Yoast no longer offers meta keywords with their plugin but you should still be able to click the title in your Yoast section of the post to allow you to edit it. Ashok Punetha says.: Jan 18, 2019 at 118: am. Titles Metas not showing under the SEO. WPBeginner Support says.: Jan 18, 2019 at 1038: am. With the recent updates with Yoast, you would want to click the snippet preview in your post editor to bring the edit options up. Kaushik Bhatnagar says.: Sep 25, 2018 at 304: pm. Ita s very good knowledgeable article. I was actually searching for Adding Keywords and Meta Description for Homepage.
Title translation on homepage SEO Yoast WPML.
Home Support English Support Resolved Title translation on homepage SEO Yoast. Resolved Title translation on homepage SEO Yoast. Please make sure to update to WPML 4.3.6 and check our list of Known Issues before reporting. This is the technical support forum for WPML the multilingual WordPress plugin.

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