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Ultron tried again with the creation of Alkhema the War Toy, whose mind was based on that of Mockingbird. Angered that someone else is wielding Mjolnir, Odin and his brother Culthe God of Fear, send the Destroyer after the new Thor to retrieve the hammer but Odinson and Freyja assemble an army of female superheroes to aid her. Jane Foster has also appeared in various media adaptations of Thor, including the feature film Thor and the sequel Thor: In the present, the Quinjet had crashed in Titanafter years of isolation and being consumed by only one emotion: The Thing, however, brought Ultron's head back to Earth as a souvenir. He was able to track Nitro's scent and determine he had skipped town hidden on a pick-up.

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Blake soon visits Foster at her work in a New York City hospital in search of Sif, whose spirit Blake mistakenly thought had been reborn in Foster since their spirits had been merged once before.

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X-MenNew WarriorsInhumans. Ultron and Antigone subsequently vanished in an explosion. Now not only could he convert inorganic matter into more technological mass under his control, but now with help of their Transmode Virus strain; Ultron further increased his own range and creativity in usage of this aspect of its programming. Unbeknownst to her, Jake and Thor have become merged, which creates many conflicts. There she found a meek-looking bespectacled guy and seduced the lucky stag right in front of other library visitors! Ultron held captive "his family" and told them they would be the seeds for his new race. Donald Blake, eventually developing feelings for him and Thor, not knowing that they were one and the same.

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